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About Us


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Since the day we were established, we, as ATLAS FORCES, have always aimed to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by establishing a sales network in the defense sector, hunting rifles and military equipment.

We continue to serve with many products that the industry needs, from REWOLD, which is considered to be the best tactical rifle in the world, to shotguns with magazines, bullpups, pumps, semi-automatic shotguns, superpose and single shotguns.

We know how long a skill a defensive weapon requires. We at ATLAS FORCES have a solid industrial heritage that is strengthened by the expertise of our employees and the constant pursuit of innovation in our core technologies. With a sustainable business model, we continue to follow a long-term growth path that will create value for all our stakeholders. Our firearms, each of which is a work of art of a different delicacy, and which takes a long time to manufacture according to its model, passes only through the hands of experienced and expert masters during the time it spends in our factory.

ATLAS weapons are designed for superior performance. The production process relies on the precision of both modern technology and professional craftsmanship to meet the quality our customers expect. Our products have managed to become one of the most recognized brands in the world of firearms for civilians, suppliers and military customers.

Since our inception, we strive to ensure that every product we offer is unmatched in terms of quality, precision and world-class customer service. By making use of our design and production efficiency, we were able to offer our consumers valuable, special and quality products.

We love to produce high quality products and we always care about our suppliers more than any of our competitors. Our belief in the high value placed on reliable self-defense tools has led us to success over the years. As our company continues to grow, our commitment to continuing to deliver quality products, affordability and a level of service unprecedented in the firearms industry remains.

Not only do our firearms work well mechanically, we even test the mechanism parts inside. We believe that the subtleties in the details are important.

Our R&D department always attaches importance to testing in order to design creative, talent-enhancing and logical solutions to the ongoing dynamic challenges encountered in the field. State-of-the-art engineering, manufacturing and quality assurance methods are integrated into leading technologies that ensure the products we manufacture exceed even the best industry standards. All of our products are rigorously tested in the toughest environments and under extreme conditions. Our unmatched manufacturing standards precede operational field experience leading to the use of tactical accessories.

As important as it is for hunting rifles to work with zero error mechanically, it is extremely important that the stock is accompanied by its perfect unity. A shotgun stock isn't made just to look good. It increases the ability of the forend shooters to observe the target much faster with their rifles, and also affects the success rate of their shots.

Our primary goal is to provide our customers, law enforcement and military personnel with the tools they need to defend their home, family or themselves and fulfill their duties, giving them the advantage they need, and providing optimum security and operational readiness. Everyone wants safety and security for their loved ones. We adopt a management system that provides leadership at all levels, using our workforce, processes and technology effectively to achieve sustainable success.

Producing robust and reliable products with strong target detection is among the priorities that make Atlas Atlas. We are committed to helping the world build self-confidence in defense and security. If the firearm in your hand is 100% suitable for you, you will definitely hit at least 7 out of 10 shots.

A firearm has a highly complex mechanism made up of countless sensitive parts. For example, in order for the trigger mechanism of a shotgun to be durable, the metal parts must fit together perfectly, so each piece is cut with a precision of 1/200 of 1 mm. This is a margin of error less than a hair's thickness. The most important part is where the chamber of the rifle is attached to the mechanism.

For this, the spark etching method is mostly used, which can cut extremely accurately. This reveals the fine workmanship in the production of firearms. Whether the last chamber closes perfectly or not is tested by our expert teams. An important step to prevent accidents from happening when you pull the trigger. We are aware of how and how much skill any firearm requires. Innovative mechanical design, meticulous manufacturing processes and innovative materials used in weapons stand out as the defining features of ATLAS and distinguish the company from other companies in this sector.


To leave a mark in the sector by producing leading products in international quality and standards that contribute to the social and economic development of the country. It is to meet the qualified defense products needed by the market with the philosophy of continuous development and providing the highest level of customer satisfaction.


To be an international organization by continuously producing unique, high quality and long-lasting products in the defense sector. To maintain the regional leadership in the defense sector and become a global player by providing growth with a customer-oriented understanding and international expansion.




We are based on being one of the most suitable alternatives in terms of cost and the correct selection of the materials used in the sector by following the production and design developments recorded in the last years, in a complete and continuous time.


We assist our users and suppliers in all technical matters regarding our updated product catalogues, stocks and product range.


Product performance is increased by improving the production quality and mechanical properties of hunting rifles.


Our R&D department has adopted the vision of being a center that produces high-quality shotguns and differentiates itself in the sector with new products and technologies by transforming the necessary statistics and analysis into products and processes.


We provide transportation to every corner of the world.

Our professional team, which has knowledge and experience in various languages ​​such as English, French, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish, assists our company's international projects. Thus, we provide transportation to almost every point of the world.